Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just an update on our new addition to our family. Candy is now 3 months old and is such a delight and a real character. I have nicknamed her "Flopsy" as she is as soft as a bunny rabbit and is so floppy and cuddly. She has grown so much since we got her, at 6 weeks she weighed 900g and now weighs 2 kilos, the same as our Yorkie, Tessa. Tessa's favourite toy is a cricket ball hanging from a tree in our garden, this was originally Nic's but he cannot hit it unless he puts the dogs indoors. Candy also loves it and spends hours lying under it watching it swing in the wind or hanging onto it. I have tied a number of knots above the ball so they can hold onto it in various places.


Sharon Keanly said...

Ahhh Debbie, Candy is absolutely adorable.

Cariena said...

debbie, that is the cutes fluff ball i have seen in a long time!!