Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soccer World Cup 2010

I never watched a soccer match until South Africa hosted the World Cup this year. Living in our beautiful country one could not avoid getting totally sucked into the excitement and "gees". The spirit in our country whilst the world cup has been on is wonderful. The tournament comes to a close on Sunday and I hope that the vibe of positivity remains with us for a long time to come. I have chatted to many tourists in the last month and they are all blown away by our country and fabulous people.
Our family joined 153 000 people and did the Fan walk on Saturday. I took lots of photos to share with you.


Julina said...

Thanks Debbie for sharing these photos.I am an old Capetonian and I appreciate everything that I can see and feel about Capetown.It is my 6th year in Pretoria and my heart is still in Capetown.Enjoy every golden day in Capetown and live through the rest.

Sharon Keanly said...

Lovely pics Debbie. The only time I ever watch soccer is at World Cup time and this one was special with us being the hosts. Have enjoyed every minute of it.

chilli pip said...

Great pics wish I could have been there