Sunday, September 26, 2010

Techniques - coffee/tea staining


Hi everyone!  I am feeling grotty today and hope it passes soon. 

I have decided to start my weekly post of techniques with something very simple and we usually have the ingredients at home, so no need to go out and buy anything for this one.

If you look closely at my altered tag you will see that I used a page from an old book and I gave it a vintage finish.  This was achieved by making a strong cup of coffee and sponging the coffee onto the paper and allowing it to dry.  If your paper curls  just simply press it under a heavy book for a day or two. Experiment with the colour that you want to achieve, stronger coffee makes a darker stain and a tea stain is not so brown.

With tea staining you can use the leftover tea bag instead of a sponge but be careful that you handle the bag with care so that it does not split.

Hope you have fun with this inexpensive technique and an easy way to age paper to obtain a vintage look.

Have a happy day!

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