Friday, October 22, 2010

Advent swap

I recenly hosted an advent swap on our RSA stamping group. The idea is that you send me 30 gifts all the same and I then swap out the gifts from the 31 participants so that you receive 30 gifts back from 30 other people.  We start opening the gifts during November and end on Christmas day the gifts are valued at R15 each and have to be craft related so that we can use them for our cardmaking.  It is wonderful being able to open a gift everyday and at the end you have a pile of new stash. 

It is a huge task to sort out this swap and Sasha loves helping me with it.  Our baby furry Shih tzu friend, Candy was not around last year when I did the swap out and she was delighted that she had 900 gifts to play with this year.  It was quite a task to teach her not to move gifts from one pile to another and eventually she curled up next to a pile of gifts and fell asleep, thank goodness!

Have a wonderful weekend, hope you get lots of time to craft!  My crafting time is so limited at the moment, but hopefully things will quieten down soon!

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