Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Direct To Paper Technique

Direct to paper technique (DTP) is extremely popular, it adds so much to your cards and you could well become addicted to direct to paper inking! I almost always add some ink to my projects!

Direct to paper technique is very easy and all you need is an ink pad and a sponge. Some people apply the ink directly from the ink pad onto the card but I find that it can become messy and your colour can be too dark. I prefer to pick up some ink on a sponge and then sponge the card, you have better control this way.

The Tim Holz Ink Essentials blending tool is great for this technique. It is a handle with a Velcro attached foam strip, you can buy packs of 10 foam blocks so that you have a few for different colour. A cheaper option is to buy Cut ‘n Dry foam and mount it onto wooden blocks or start with any little sponge. I find that the specialist foam does give a better finish though.

There is no right or wrong way, it is very much your personal preference, as with all artwork. I recommend practicing on scrap paper to get the look you desire before trying it directly on your project the first time.

Direct to Paper Technique Ideas:
  • Ink edges of cardstock, accents, edges of photos, die cuts, edges of Vellum, torn edges.
  • Crumple paper and then smooth out and ink around all of the rough surfaces.
  • Try experimenting with different colors for a different look.
  • The way you hold your sponge or inkpad will give you different finishes. By leaning the pad at a sharper angle to your paper, you'll get more ink on your design.

If you like the shabby chic look then you will love the way direct to paper inking looks. It just adds so much dimension to your layouts. Even a neat clean line scrapbook page can be softened up by just a little ink on the edges.
Have a happy day!


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Sharon Keanly said...

Thanks for these tips Debbie, I am enjoying reading them. This technique is wonderful. I also use the sponges and dab onto scrap cardstock first before attempting to sponge onto my image or papers. As you say, it comes out a bit too dark at first. Wishing you a lovely day. Seems as if Summer has finally arrived in Cape Town ;)