Sunday, October 17, 2010

Techniques - Isoprophyl Alcohol backgrounds

Isoprophyl Alcohol backgrounds are one of my favourite backgrounds and are really quick and easy to make.

Lay newspaper on your work surface and wear disposable rubber gloves as the inks stain.

Use very glossy card like white Chromolux.

Take a small sponge and wet it with the Isoprophyl alcohol that you buy at a chemist and then Penguin office inks which any stationery store should have in stock.
Smear the sponge over the card. Do the same with other colours if you want to add depth.

The inks come in many colours and I usually use 2 co-ordinating ones, here I used turquoise and violet.

Have a wonderful week!  I heard on the radio this morning that it is 10 weeks to Christmas, what a scary thought.

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