Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent swap

Happy Monday!  The holidays now feel like they are almost in reach.  Can you believe that December starts this week?  Corinna packaged today's gift beautifully and it contained a lovely copper glitter glue, thanks Corinna!

Have a wonderful day, it is so beautiful in Cape Town!


renate50 said...

Das neue Blog-Outfit mit den roten Mohnblumen verbreitet Sommergefühle - wir haben seit 4 Tagen Schnee in Ostdeutschland. Richtige Winterstimmung, passend zum 1. Advent, denn überall beginnen die Weihnachtsmärkte ! Herzliche Grüße ins jetzt warme Südafrika von Renate

Debbie Harris said...

Thanks for the message Renate. Best wishes to you in snowy East Germany, I would love to experience a white Christmas, we always have warm sunny ones. Hugs Debbie

Here is the translation of Renate's message:
The new blog outfit with the red poppies popular summer feelings - we have in the last 4 days Snow East Germany. Proper winter atmosphere to match the first Advent, for everywhere begin the Christmas markets! Best wishes to the now warm South Africa Renate