Monday, June 6, 2011

Paper flower tutorial

I did a paper flower workshop at World Card Making Day a couple of years ago and have recently been asked for the tutorial for making the flowers that I used on this card.  For these I used pages from an old telephone directory in between the tissue paper layers.  Hope you have lots of fun making them!

circular scalloped punch or Nestabilities
tissue paper/patterned paper
craft knife
Step 1:
Punch/cut two circles out of patterned paper and 6 tissue paper circles. Note: when cutting tissue paper you can stack several sheets, I usually fold a whole sheet of tissue paper and put it through the Cuttlebug with Nesties, this makes many layers. When punching, back the tissue paper with scrap paper or copy paper, something a little heavier than tissue paper, as it will punch easier.
Step 2:
Stack punched paper in this order: patterned paper, 3 tissue papers, patterned paper, 3 tissue doesn't need to be perfect. Use more or less paper if you want. I like using patterned paper because it makes the flower sturdy and it coordinates with my project. Poke a hole with a craft knife and place a brad in the middle.
Step 3:
Start scrunching the paper, starting with the top layer. Pull the layer upwards with your fingertips and close it over the brad.  Keep doing that until all the papers are "scrunched".
Step 4:
Open up all the layers and this is your completed flower. Every flower will be different. Try varying paper positions, use more or less, big brad, small brad etc.
Additional step:
Spray your flower with Shimmerz, pearlescent paint or any spray that you have. Lift layers when spraying/painting, and spray from all sides. Or rub your finger over the flower with glitter glue, liquid pearls etc.  Use a heat tool to dry/set the flower. This step stiffens up the flower and it helps keep the shape. 

Have a great day.  Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog!


ursula Uphof said...

Thanks for this tutorial Debbie. I just so love making flowers.

Sharon Keanly said...

I also loved this card with the flowers. Thanks for the tutorial. hugs Sharon