Saturday, June 23, 2012

New home card

Hi there, hope you are all well!  A quick update on my folks - Dad has just started his 3rd round of chemo and it is going well so far.  Mom had an 8mm benign polyp removed from a vocal chord 10 days ago and she is recovering well and her recovery from her spinal op is also on track.  Neil and I are on leave from work this week so that we can spend time with the kids who are on school holidays and catch up with maintenance etc around the house.  I would also like to get some carding squeezed in too!

Our card group met this week and I was spoilt with gorgeous birthday cards and gifts which I will share with you soon.  It is wonderful to start the celebrations so early, as my birthday is only on 15 July!

The card I am sharing with you today is a card made for Sandra who recently moved into her new home.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and had such fun creating the template and making the card over a couple of weeks.

Enjoy your weekend! 

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