Friday, May 1, 2009


Another fabulous long weekend and it looks like winter is coming fast - it is a cool, wet day - a perfect day for stamping and a great curry for supper.

My plan for today is pack up my bird ATC swap for posting off and design 4 more ATC's. One is for our club night on Monday. We are doing the letters of the alphabet and this one is letter B. I have not yet decided what to do but butterflies, birds and babies come to mind. I only need to make 6 ATC's, so that will be a quick one. The other 3 ATC' designs are for a swap that I joined and I need to make 18 in each set, co-incidentally the swap is also letters of the alphabet and B, C & D are the ones and I cannot make the same B for this swap. So I had better be a quick creator today as I also need to get into the garden to rake up loads of autumn leaves and spend time with Neil and the kids.

Hopefully I will post pictures of my new creations very soon. Have a fabulous Worker's Day holiday!!

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