Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christmas Advent swap 2009

Here are some photos of the swapping out of the advent swap that I have just hosted. We had 31 participants who will start opening craft gifts on 25th November and end on 25 December. It is a huge task to sort out the swap and every year I say that I will not host it again as it is a nightmare when participants do not adhere to the swap guidelines, but I must be a glutten for punishment. My daughter helped me this year which was an enormous bonus as it is a hectic to ensure that the 900 gifts are sorted correctly. Each person sends me 30 gifts, wrapped all the same and containing the same set of crafting goodies, I then swap them out so that they receive 30 different gifts from 30 other people and each gift is numbered with the date that they open it. It is such fun to receive goodies for our hobby. I will post photos periodically as we open up our gifts in the build up to Christmas.


Susan Nel said...

never thought about it as 900 gifts, woww, that is a lot of work and organisation, so glad its you doing it and not me,,hehee

Sharon Keanly said...

This is a wonderful idea. What nicer gift could one receive for Christmas - more stash! Love it! Hugs Sharon