Monday, October 5, 2009

Tissue paper flowers

This is one of my workshops that I presented on WCMD. These tissue paper flowers make lovely embellishments on cards and are quick and easy to make.

You need circular scalloped Nestabilities, tissue &/or patterned paper, craft knife, brad, Vivid stamp pad and Tim Holz blending tool.
To make: Cut circles out of patterned paper and tissue paper. Sponge the edges with ink and the blending tool. Stack the paper, use more or less paper if you want and try stacking in various ways. My individual flower photographed above is stacked with old book pages, then 2 tissue layers and this is repeated 4 times. The patterned paper makes the flower more sturdy and you can coordinate it with your project. Make a hole with a craft knife and push a brad through the centre.
Begin scrunching the paper, starting with the top layer and pulling it up towards you. Keep doing that until all the papers are crumpled together. Open up the layers to complete your flower. Every flower will be different, try different papers, sizes, more or less layers, different brads. You can also glitter, spray or paint them. If you have questions, please shout!


Firenze said...

What a fab and clever idea! Thanks for sharing!
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