Friday, August 13, 2010

Featuring friends

Happy Friday everyone!  Time to feature a friend again.  Today's feature is a card by Sharon Keanly who has a beautiful blog and does some awesome work.  Sharon very kindly sent this card and a whole lot of images to Sasha for her 12th birthday, thank you Sharon you are such a sweetie!  My daughter is so enjoying pottering with paper etc when I make cards and is learning how to make a great card very quickly, she now has a drawer allocated to her for her images, embellishments etc.  We plan to spend an hour together this afternoon making cards, which I am looking forward to.

Thanks for popping in to visit my blog.  Have a wonderful weekend,  I hope you get lots of time to stamp!  Chat soon! xxx


Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Debbie and Sasha, you are both very welcome. A pleasure sending you the card an images. Have fun this afternoon girls. Now Sasha needs to start her own blog to showcase her lovely cards. My blogfriend in the UK, Heidi and her daughter have done this. Wishing you a super weekend. hugs Sharon x

Debbie Harris said...

Thanks Sharon! xx