Monday, March 7, 2011

Stamped takkies

Hi there, I've decided that I am not getting enough "me-time" as I am now sick so watch this space as I am going to be blogging my latest creative exploits.

We have a stamping group that has been meeting for about 14 years.  When planning our monthly meetings for this year we decided that we were tired of chunky books, ATC's, Moo's etc and wanted a change.  So the result was that each member will take a turn to arrange an exciting workshop for us.  The first month was my turn as I have been wanting to try out stamping on takkies which seem to be such a popular fashion at the moment.  I started with this ...
Plain canvas takkies that I purchased from Pep stores for R40.  They are ideal as they have a large canvas area to work on, a lot of the takkies you buy have a large rubber toe.  The first step was to coffee stain them, allow them to dry and then "blob" diluted acrylic paint onto the shoes.
I then sponged, stamped, coloured, glittered and decoupaged serviettes onto the shoes and this is the final result.  The first pair I made was for my daughter, Sasha, so she chose the burgundy colour scheme.  I wasn't very happy with the result but as it was the first pair was not too perturbed as I learnt a lot during the process.

Watch this space as I will be posting the pair that I made for myself in turquoise, I was thrilled with the way the second pair turned out.

Have a great evening!  I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy as the family are all out at Nic's indoor hockey match tonight, he made an incredibly quick recovery from his injury, which is a big relief!


Sharon Keanly said...

These turned out fabulously Debbie. Can't wait to see yours on your blog. Well done for trying something totally different and thanks for sharing. hugs Sharon

Debbie Harris said...

Pleasure Sharon! Hugs xxx