Sunday, December 27, 2009


This is our newest addition to our family. She is a 6 week old Shih tzu and is named Candy. I have wanted a Shih tzu since I was a little girl. It all happened very quickly as I found an advert for the puppies (who are very difficult to get hold of in Cape Town) last Sunday, I had first choice from the litter on Monday and received her on Wednesday after she had had her 6 week innoculation. The breeder should not have let her go so early as I discovered that she did not have teeth yet, but the teeth are popping through her gums everyday. She is so soft and cuddly and a very special little princess. She spends most of the time sleeping, which is just as well as we've had a very busy Christmas weekend and I have eaten so much as all three days have involved delicious meals. I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you received fabulous gifts with some crafting ones in your stash too!


Desiréé said...

Ag cute!!!

Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Debbie, your new baby is absolutely adorable! So soft and cuddly. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting and signing my guestbook. Take care, Sharon

Amanda Harrod said...

Hi Debbie

Your new baby is adorable.